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We at the School of Counselling, Singapore Bible College,  direct our heartiest congratulations to the Singapore Association for Counselling on its 40th Anniversary Celebrations!

Having worked with and personally known the late Anthony Yeo and also most of the founding members of the SAC , I have no doubt that there would be this  great smile on his face and theirs as they join us in celebrating this occasion. He, together with others, had great dreams for the profession of counselling in Singapore and on this 40th year that we have much to celebrate and to be thankful for. Much to celebrate as we observe how the association has grown from strength to strength, not just in numbers but also in maturity as a professional association. With the ways in which the association has, being called upon to assist with initiatives at the national-level, we can expect greater contributions from SAC to nation-building in Singapore.

At the level of being thankful, we remember all those who have contributed over the years in different ways and we remember, too, visiting lecturers and trainers from overseas, who, over time became friends of SAC and have contributed significantly to its growth.

To SAC and to all involved in keeping the association moving into greater heights, Congratulations!!!

Joseph John (Lecturer / Supervisor)

And the School of Counselling

Singapore Bible College

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