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• Pioneered by the late Mr Anthony Yeo from Counselling and Care Centre together with a small group of counsellors.

• SAC was officially registered with the Registry of Societies.

1996 – 1999
• A Paper was developed to propose standards for the Recognition and Licensing of Professional Counsellors in Singapore. This Paper was presented to the then Ministry of Community Development (MCD) in 1999 but was rejected as the counsellor fraternity was considered too small.

• Constitutional amendments related to training standards for membership were approved by the Registry of Societies and implemented for new membership applications.
• The new SAC Code of Ethics was accepted at its Extraordinary General Meeting.

• Established new guidelines for the accreditation of counsellor training courses in Singapore to ensure clinical practice and supervision components were adequately in place.

• SAC Register of Counsellors was established.
• The first SAC Website was launched.
• The SAC Constitution was amended for more clarity on its definition of a trained and qualified counsellor with emphasis on the details of training, practicum, and clinical supervision.

2004 - 2005
• SAC partnered the Ministry of Community Development and Sports, and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to develop standard counselling courses. The First Joint Committee meeting involved SAC, NCSS, and SSTI. This was followed by MCYS, SASW and the NUS Social Work Department.
• The first Course Recognition Manual was launched in December 2005.

• New Membership Categories were introduced, and the SAC Constitution went through a major review and update.

• SAC became a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).
• The SAC Ethics Manual of Procedures was launched by the Guest of Honour, Minister of State for the Ministry of Health, Dr Amy Khor at SAC’s inaugural Symposium attended by 500 delegates.

• SAC’s Register of Clinical Supervisors was established. The new Clinical Supervision Standards and Procedures document was approved.

• Established a New Clinical Supervision Components and Standards for New Clinical Supervisor Applicants in effect from June 2018.
• The new SAC Logo, Website, and Member Portal was launched by Mayor Denise Phua at SAC’s 35th Anniversary Conference.

• Total membership strength has reached over 1000 members.

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