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24th Jun 2022, Friday
7:30pm-9:30pm (Online)


A sneak preview to motivational interviewing approach developed in part by clinical psychologists Dr William R. Miller and Dr Stephen Rollnick. It is a strength based, non-judgmental, non-confrontational, goal orientated, client-centred and healthy engagement approach that can contribute to potential positive behavioural changes in an individual. Drawing out intrinsic motivation from an individual to consider or make positive changes in their life.


Mr S. B. Viknesan, Senior Counsellor, National Addictions Management Service, Institute of Mental Health

Viknesan has worked in the counselling field for 21 years. He is a Senior Counsellor, Team Lead, Trainer, Clinical Supervisor, Counselling and Clinical Consultant and Adjunct Academic. Spending 3 years in the social service industry doing social work and counselling at SINDA FSC. He spent the rest of his career doing Addictions work at the National Addictions Management Service in the Institute of Mental Health.

Viknesan has been teaching as an academic since 2007. He sits on various boards and Committees. Vice President of the Association of Professionals Specialising in Addictions Counselling (APSAC), a Council Member with the National Council Against Drug Abuse(NCADA), Honorary Secretary and Board member of the Singapore Anti Narcotics Association (SANA) and Subcommittee member for the Supervision Board for the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). His special interest training and teaching topics is in Motivational interviewing, Addictions, group work & group facilitation and Clinical Supervision.

Viknesan holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Curtin university of technology, a Graduate Diploma in Educational psychology from Monash university and a Masters of Social Science counselling from the university of South Australia. He is a certified substance abuse counsellor, certified gambling addictions counsellor, certified co-occurring Disorder specialist and certified clinical supervisor with IC&RC (USA). He is also a registered clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling.

Motivational Interviewing: Resources
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