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It is my great pleasure in congratulating the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) on behalf of the School of Social and Health Sciences of James Cook University Singapore, for its 40th Anniversary.  The Association has been contributing to advancing the Counselling profession in Singapore since 1982. In collaboration with various stakeholders, such as ministries, institutions, and social service agencies, SAC has continuously committed itself to supporting mental health and social care services for the communities and disseminating knowledge in Counselling in Singapore. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SAC responded promptly and aptly to the government’s safe distancing and public health measures. For instance, it supported the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s initiative in setting up the National Care Hotline in response to the pandemic and rallied its members to man the 24-hour hotline. The Association’s theme for their 40th Anniversary celebration, “40 Years of Caring for the Nation, Building Communities of Carers,” elucidates their continued endeavors in serving the communities and nation.   

Today, SAC has grown to be the largest professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in Singapore, with more than 370 registered counsellors and over 1200 members. On this very special occasion, I would like to take the opportunity to wish SAC a fruitful and memorable celebration of the 40th Anniversary celebration and continuing success in their future endeavors.

Ai Ni Teoh, Ph.D.

Academic Head, School of Social and Health Sciences

James Cook University Singapore

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