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Dr William Borgen

International Association for Counselling

As President of the International Association for Counselling , and on behalf of the IAC Executive Council and members from around the world, I would like to offer warmest wishes and congratulations on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Singapore Association for Counselling. This milestone anniversary reflects the passion, commitment and hard work of many individuals and groups that has resulted in SAC becoming a large, robust and respected professional organization representing counsellors, psychotherapists, counsellor educators and students in Singapore. The impact the association has had on increasing the credibility of counselling and psychotherapy as a profession in Singapore is evident in the increasing number of your members who have been registered as counsellors and clinical supervisors.

The theme of your conference, “40 Years of Caring for the Nation, Building Communities of Carers” is important in recognizing what has been accomplished and the building and growth opportunities in the future. The aims of the conference and SAC align well with the goals and aims of the International Association for Counselling. Our vision is a world where counselling is available to all, and our mission is to develop the counselling profession worldwide through collaborative practice, education, research, advocacy, and policy initiatives. On behalf of IAC we look forward to continuing and strengthening our collaboration with the SAC in working towards and meeting our common goals.

Again, congratulations on your 40th anniversary and best wishes for a successful conference.

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