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This is my 13th year as a member of SAC. In this time, I witnessed many milestones development, many of which I had the good fortune to be involved in. As SAC celebrates its fortieth anniversary, its new generation of leaders and volunteers brings health and robustness with regeneration and invigoration.

While I am no longer actively volunteering, my role as a clinical supervisor allows me to witness the sprouting of new counsellors as they begin their counselling journey and join SAC as new members. Hopefully these tender sprouts will also grow and mature one day to helm the association, just like how it was like for me. May SAC continue to prosper and celebrate its 100th anniversary in the passage of time. Blessed be!

Ms Toh Hwee Boon

SAC 2nd Vice President (2019-2020)

Hwee Boon: Video
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