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Justice Debbie Ong
Presiding Judge

Family Justice Courts

On behalf of the Family Justice Courts (“FJC”), I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to the Singapore Association for Counselling (“SAC”) on its 40th anniversary.

In the last four decades, SAC has made significant contributions in raising the standards of mental health services by enhancing the quality of professional counselling services in Singapore. I am very glad to learn that registered counsellors and clinical supervisors in SAC are governed by a strong set of professional ethics and practice standards. Many individuals and families have been the beneficiaries of the counselling services provided by SAC members.

SAC has also been working with various government, educational and community partners to grow a healthy system of mental health and social care services. I am deeply grateful for the recent partnership that SAC has with FJC to build a panel of professional therapists to support the families who come through FJC.

SAC’s dedication and commitment to provide a strong base of mental health professionals to serve the community is laudable and if I may say so, progressive as well.

As SAC celebrates this significant milestone, I send my best wishes to this Association which I know will continue to make such a wonderful difference to the lives of our families! Congratulations!

Justice Ong: Video
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